In 2005, the Agora was launched, establishing a productive and unique form of helping and introducing professionals visiting Thessaloniki from Central and Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean region, and the rest of the world, to the industry professionals, consultants, tutors and potential collaborators invited to the Festival. All necessary information for the Agora can be found in the Thessaloniki Agora Manual, including all the participating Crossroads Coproduction Forum and Agora Works in Progress projects, the Agora Film Market titles, and the company profiles of all the film professionals. The Agora takes place on the ground floor of Warehouse C (Thessaloniki Port) between 4-11 November 2017. The Agora includes:

Agora Film Market
4–11 November 2017: The Agora Film Market promotes the majority of the feature films participating in the official sections of the 58th TIFF. Additionally, more titles from the countries that the Agora focuses on will be presented, even though they are not part of the festival’s main program. In this way, they will have the opportunity to find their way to other international film festivals, sales agents and distributors. The Agora Film Market also includes previous films by the Crossroads participants and a selection of Greek films produced within the last year.

Crossroads Co-production Forum
7–11 November 2017: Crossroads chooses projects based on the quality of the script, the creative team and the likelihood of their being produced. Crossroads aims to support the producers of feature-length film projects that are linked to Central Europe, the Mediterranean or Balkan countries.

Agora Works in Progress
9 November 2017: This industry activity gives the opportunity to selected sales agents, distributors and festival programmers from all over the world to be the first to discover feature films from the Mediterranean and Balkan countries, in the stage just before completion.

ACE Producers Think Tank Discussion
8 November 2017: The event takes place in the 58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival as part of the series of think tank sessions organized by ACE Producers that will be also held at the Netherlands Film Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. These sessions will touch upon issues such as co-production, fi nancing and legislation and policy, with the aim to address the idea of a functioning European cinema exploring both practical issues and the aesthetic considerations. The sessions’ findings will be collated and presented to ACE and international industry professionals in the light of the need to better promote European films and increase exports outside the continent.

Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy International

6–11 November 2017
Thessaloniki IFF together with Locarno IFF organize the Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy International. Already launched successfully in Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil and New York, it is a training program created to help young professionals of the cinema industry – sales agents, distributors and new media professionals – to extend their experience and networking in the fi elds of international sales, marketing, distribution, and programming. The program will welcome in priority participants from Greece, as well as from South Eastern European and Mediterranean countries, but it can also include other international participants.

The young sales agents, distributors and new media professionals who will participate in the Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy International will take part in a special workshop during which they will have the opportunity to interact, share experiences and meet with key players in the international film industry, for discussions, case study presentations, and group workshops.

This year’s participants:
Maximilien Dejoie, Just a Moment, Lithuania
Christina Liapi, Heretic Outreach, Greece
Anjali Mandalia, Thunderbird Releasing, U.K.
Ivan Mihalic, Everything Works, Croatia
István Mráz, Mozinet, Hungary
Joanna De Sousa, Outsider Films, Portugal
Isabella Weber, Europa Distribution, Italy

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